ADFD133 Understanding Learning

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This unit explores a range of relevant theories to help preservice teachers understand their own and others’ learning and gain key knowledge for their central professional task of constructing effective learning environments. Particular emphasis is placed on relevant aspects of the learner, the teacher and their interrelationships as well as learner differences. Working in groups as learning communities, these experiences and the preservice teachers’ experiences in early childhood and school settings will be used to provide a base for the concepts and theories of learning introduced in the unit. Preservice teachers will develop knowledge of the variety of ways in which human beings can learn: become aware of different forms of learning – physical, perceptual, rote memorizing, meta-cognitive, narrative, analytical; understand human learning as an active process; comprehend important theories of learning, cognition and intelligences and their cultural histories; and explore differences in learning styles and other individual and group differences in cognition and learning.

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