COUN219 Family and Relationship Counselling

10 cp
Prerequisites COUN106 Introduction to Counselling and Micro-Skills and COUN221 Humanistic Theories and Interventions
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week via lectures, seminars and skills-based workshops.

Building on knowledge and skills developed in previous counselling units, this unit aims to inform students about current theory and practice in the area of relationship counselling and family therapy. It recognises the place of the family as a social institution and reviews a range of contemporary issues relevant to marriage, relationships and families, and provides training in specific therapeutic and education interventions. It will cover such issues as models of marital relationships, complexities of family and cultural differences, relationship breakdown, mediation, improving communication and conflict management in relationships, and the use of interventions to support and facilitate relationships. Ten hours of skills-based training will be the focus of the tutorial program.

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