COUN225 Organisations and Group Processes

10 cp
Prerequisites COUN106 Introduction to Counselling and Micro-Skills and COUN221 Humanistic Theories and Interventions
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week of lecture/seminar and tutorial/workshop format.

This unit will introduce and facilitate the exploration of people in organisations. It will deal with human service organisations and current trends and issues impacting on Government and private sector organisations. This exploration will address organisational theory, psychological dynamics, cultural analysis and current social trends that are part of the Australian and global context. A portion of the unit will also focus on the underlying dynamics of small group behaviour and group facilitation for small group counselling. Project leadership relevant to the human services will also be examined. Some of the specific topics covered will be: change agent skills, cultural reading and assessment, relevant interpretive models of psychology, the psychology of empowerment, project management, small group counselling, well-being in organisations and preventative interventions and issues for counsellors working in todays service organisations. The aim will be to assist students to develop integrative thinking between individual clinical practice and people in systems.

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