EDAC135 Inclusive Learning

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Contemporary understanding of disability views the opportunity and support for all individuals to participate fully in ordinary life experiences as important in forming who they are and how they participate in society.  This includes living, working and learning in the same environments and experiencing the same patterns of life as other members of society.  It needs to be acknowledged however that some people may have additional needs which must be accommodated in order for them to attain the same conditions that other people experience.  A cornerstone to facilitating the full participation of people with disabilities in society is inclusive learning experiences across the lifespan.  Inclusion “recognizes every individual's right to be treated equally, and to be accorded the same services and opportunities as everyone else.  In a school setting, full inclusion involves educating all children in regular classrooms all of the time, regardless of the degree or severity of a disability” (http://www.disabilityresources.org/drmincl-terminology.html).  This unit will examine the impact of disability on learning and explore principles, learning methodologies and specific strategies for attaining full inclusion.

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