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BIOL122 - Human Biological Science 2

10 cp
Prerequisites BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1
Incompatibles BIOL125 Human Biology 1, BIOL126 Human Biology 2, BIOL124 Human Body in Health and Disease 1, BIOL204 Human Body in Health and Disease 2
Teaching Organisation Teaching and learning strategies will include lectures, tutorials, web-based learning and science laboratory activities. Students will be expected to take responsibility for their learning and to participate actively within group activities, demonstrating respect for the individual as an independent learner.

Health professionals needs to have an understanding of disease processes and drug action in order to prevent and manage diseases, promote health and care for their patients/clients. In this unit students will extend their knowledge of the human body by developing an understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacology with respect to selected National Health Priority (NHP) areas and Quality Use of Medicines (QUM). The influence of lifespan changes will also be introduced in the context of these areas and drug administration. Basic principles of microbiology will be linked to infection control practices. Students will apply scientific knowledge to understand disease processes and their pharmacological management for successful progression to later units in their respective courses.

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