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MIDW301 - Clinical Midwifery Practice 5

20 cp
Prerequisites: MIDW300 Clinical Midwifery Practice 4: Caring for Babies
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This final practicum unit is a capstone unit where the student integrates previous learning in preparation for transition to graduate level midwifery practice. Students will complete practice experience requirements such as the Midwifery Practice Experience including the NMBA Competency Standards for the Midwife, the Continuity of Care Experiences. Students will be required to apply their theoretical knowledge during their clinical experience, demonstrating comprehensive and thorough care for the women, babies and families for whom they are caring. This unit is required by students to assist them, through an intensive period of supervised practice, to integrate and consolidate the midwifery knowledge, attitudes and skills required for professional practice.

The aim of this final Clinical Midwifery Practice unit is to build on students' previous and current learning to further contextualize their theoretical knowledge through clinical practice.

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