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MIDW335 - Babies Needing Extra Care

10 cp
Prerequisites MIDW201 Clinical Midwifery Practice 3; MIDW217 Midwifery Care of the Woman with Complex Needs
Teaching Organisation Fully online. Equivalent of 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit focuses on the care of neonates with complex needs, leading to admission to a Special Care Nursery or requiring higher level care in a postnatal unit as the profession strives to keep mothers and their babies together. The issues confronting the neonate and family during this period and the role of the midwife in facilitating health and wellbeing of the infant and family are addressed. Ethico-legal issues involved in caring for a neonate with complex needs are explored in the context of professional midwifery practice. This unit is required by students to assist their consolidation of midwifery knowledge and skills, specifically in relation to evidence-based care for neonates with complex care needs.

This aim of this unit is to support students in the development of knowledge and skills regarding the role of the midwife in provision of care to neonates requiring complex care, and in promoting family- centred developmental care through enhancement of the Special Care Nursery environment

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