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PSYC206 - Research Design and Statistics II

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC104 Research Design and Statistics 1
Teaching Organisation 3 contact hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

Psychology is the discipline devoted to the scientific study of human behaviour. As such, when training to be a psychologist you are, at the most fundamental level, training to be a scientist. This unit continues your training in research design and statistical analysis, which is part of the research toolbox of psychologists. This unit will expand students' knowledge and understanding of basic principles of research design and statistical analysis (using SPSS) that were developed in PSYC104 Research Design and Statistics I. In particular, it will focus on the simplest case of research involving one dependent variable (or outcome) and one independent (or predictor) variable. The unit will focus on single factor designs (between subjects and repeated measures) and the associated statistical technique of one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), as well as correlational designs using simple linear regression. This unit is one of three units in the APAC accredited sequence that aims to develop foundational competencies in research methods and statistics.

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