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PUBH100 - Foundations of Public Health

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Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning

An understanding of the fundamental elements of public health theory and practice is the essential starting point for any public health practitioner. This unit aims to provide students with an introduction to the scope, function and changing role of public health in society. Students will explore public health as a practice, profession and series of societal achievements, with special reference to the place of public health within the health system overall. Throughout the unit, students will develop an understanding of current public health challenges facing Australia, and the important differences between public health practice and patientfocused clinical practice. Where relevant, students will also develop their awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and the role of public health in addressing health inequities experienced by Indigenous people. The aim of this unit is to introduce students to key concepts, components and disciplines within public health, including: health, disease and illness; determinants of health; epidemiology; disease prevention and management; planning and evaluation in public health; and evidence based practice in public health.

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