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PUBH200 - Globalisation, Environment and Health

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PUBH100 Foundations of Public Health, PUBH102 Foundations of Health Promotion
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

Globalisation and associated environmental challenges pose significant threats to human health. It is necessary for public health professionals to understand and critique the impact of these issues, so they can work to maximise the benefits of globalisation and environmental services, while minimising health harms. This unit examines the breadth of environmental health and international dimensions of public health including the impact of globalisation on international health inequities. Students also examine global threats to public health in Australia. Students will be introduced to the interactions between globalisation and natural environments, and their positive and negative impacts on human health. Students will also learn about the role of multinational organisations, companies, policies and agreements in shaping environmental determinants of population health. The impact of colonisation on the health of Indigenous Australians and a recognition of their connection to country will be explored. The aim of this unit is to enable students to critically evaluate and develop health-promoting strategies in the context of past and present globalisation.

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