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PUBH303 - Communication in Public Health

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PUBH100 Foundations of Public Health, PUBH102 Foundations of Health Promotion, PUBH103 Epidemiology
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

Effective public health practice requires a broad range of skills in translating complex health concepts into messages that can be communicated to specific target groups within communities and populations. This unit equips students with advanced communication skills required to achieve this. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of effective interpersonal; group and public communication; effective written and oral communication; and media strategies, and successful communication with cultural and minority groups. Mobilising individuals and communities towards better health by using appropriate media, community resources and social marketing techniques will be covered. Skills, knowledge required for culturally appropriate, respectful and social justice informed communication to support indigenous communities will be included as appropriate. The aim of the unit is to increase students’ capacity and skills to convey and evaluate public health information, such as risk/disaster communication, health improvement, denormalising hazardous health behaviours, changes in health literacy and public understanding of public health hazards.

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