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PUBH304 - Public Health Entrepreneurship

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PUBH100 Foundations of Public Health, PUBH102 Foundations of Health Promotion, PUBH103 Epidemiology
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

It is widely recognized within the Public Health that progressive social entrepreneurship is a requirement to address a myriad of social determinants of health. Along with traditional scientific population health knowledge, it is understood that skills in influencing social policy and programs is central to illness prevention effectiveness. This unit introduces students to the concepts of progressive social entrepreneurship and its application to organisational structures and cultures in the public health sector. Social entrepreneurship entails innovations designed to explicitly improve societal well-being, housed within entrepreneurial organisations, which initiate, guide or contribute to change in society. It provides an understanding of how organisations work, how power works; how decisions are made and how resources are allocated which are all instrumental to be able to effectively address the social determinants of health. The characteristics of successful organisational actors will be illustrated. This unit exposes students to major theories and concepts of organisational dynamics, ways of applying these to public health issues requiring leadership, and provides an opportunity for students to develop skills and resources for further developing their organisational competence. It also critically evaluates ethical issues in leadership; social entrepreneurship and accountability. Strategies to ensure creative and effective policies and programs addressing social determinants of health within the limits of organisational contexts will be examined. Students will understand how to raise the visibility of public health issues and lead social change. Where appropriate students will learn about the skills, knowledge required for culturally appropriate, respectful and social justice informed Public Health advocacy responses to support indigenous communities. The overall aim of the unit is to enhance students’ ability to raise the visibility of public health issues and lead social change.

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