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PUBH305 - Applied Public Health 2

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PUBH302 Applied Public Health 1
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

Applied Public Health 2 is the second unit in a full-year professional (2 semester) internship placement where students gain first-hand knowledge and experience in public health practice. Students are placed in one of a range of partner organisations with established and successful engagement with local communities. Students thus gain insight into professional public health practice, which relies heavily on effective community engagement. The placement sites generally have a focus on marginalised and otherwise disadvantaged communities, either within Australia or internationally. Through this experience, students gain substantial insight into the cultural, social, moral, spiritual, economic and environmental aspects that underpin the health and well-being of communities and individuals. As the internship unfolds, students will apply their own core curriculum learnings within the cultural safety of well-established community based organisations, thus facilitating their development as competent and caring public health professionals.

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